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Snort 2.3.2 Deb Pakage Ready

Posted March 16th, 2005 in Linux, Security by Tobias

Snort 2.3.2 Deb Pakage Ready

I just finished creating and testing the latest Snort version deb pakage and it is now available for download.
Get it here:

Please note that these are just the compiled binary files. You may still need to get the rules for new installations

Snort Cookbook

Posted September 17th, 2004 in News, Security by Tobias

w00t! How cool. I just received an email from the good folks from O’Reilly. They have an upcoming book on the Snort intrusion detection system and I’ve been asked to help review the book. How exciting. I’ve been using Snort for a couple of years and really love the ‘pig. I’m glad to be able to give something back to such a great community.

[EDIT 12.2.04] After many delays on my part, hardware failures, CISSP exam cramming, being out of town, and missing most of my deadlines, I’ve turned in my notes for the book. Thoughts; Awesome book! If you want to install Snort or are currently using Snort and would like to know how to get more out of it, this is the book for you. It’s really a must have.

Snort Support

Posted November 2nd, 2003 in News, Security by Tobias

For those of you who are interested in IDS, I’ve added Snort support to the site including downloads, links, thread in the forums, and a How-To article for installing Snort.