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Snort 2.3.2 Deb Pakage Ready

Posted March 16th, 2005 in Linux, Security by Tobias

Snort 2.3.2 Deb Pakage Ready

I just finished creating and testing the latest Snort version deb pakage and it is now available for download.
Get it here:

Please note that these are just the compiled binary files. You may still need to get the rules for new installations

Passed The CISSP Exam

Posted December 24th, 2004 in News, Security by Tobias

Woo Hoo! I just received my conformation email from (ISC)2 letting me know that I passed my CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) exam.
Hot damn I’m glad that I passed that. I’d hate to have to sit that one again. Toughest exam I’ve ever taken in my life. The exam is referd to as a mile wide and an inch deep which I think sums it up very well, considering is covers the following topics:

  • Access Control Systems & Methodology
  • Applications & Systems Development
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Cryptography
  • Law, Investigation & Ethics
  • Operations Security
  • Physical Security
  • Security Architecture & Models
  • Security Management Practices
  • Telecommunications, Network & Internet Security

I guess I’ll have to update my business cards again 😉

Snort Cookbook

Posted September 17th, 2004 in News, Security by Tobias

w00t! How cool. I just received an email from the good folks from O’Reilly. They have an upcoming book on the Snort intrusion detection system and I’ve been asked to help review the book. How exciting. I’ve been using Snort for a couple of years and really love the ‘pig. I’m glad to be able to give something back to such a great community.

[EDIT 12.2.04] After many delays on my part, hardware failures, CISSP exam cramming, being out of town, and missing most of my deadlines, I’ve turned in my notes for the book. Thoughts; Awesome book! If you want to install Snort or are currently using Snort and would like to know how to get more out of it, this is the book for you. It’s really a must have.

Using LDAP For Single Authentication

Posted June 2nd, 2004 in Linux, News by Tobias

New How-To for Using LDAP for single authentication.

Ever think how nice it would be if you didn’t have 9 usernames and passwords to remember for all of the different services on all the different servers you use. Well you can if you have a LDAP directory with you username and password in it, and you configure all the services to use LDAP. This how-to is not the most comprehensive source for doing this, rather a step by step guide that should be enough to get you going in the right direction. This will let users have one account in LDAP and use any service on any server that you choose to allow. i.e. ssh, email, web permissions, samba file shares, ftp, and on and on…

See it here:
Using LDAP for single authentication

And remember, all articles are up for discussion in the forums.

LDAPUser Released

Posted June 1st, 2004 in Linux, News by Tobias

Download LDAPUser

Ldap User Tools now available for download. Based on the Linux adduser utility, LDAP User Tools is a command-line utility to manage an LDAP/PAM_LDAP/NSS_LDAP enabled system. It adds/deletes user and groups, makes/deletes home directories as well as managing group membership. It can add Samba passwords and attributes too.

Get it HERE.

New How-To

Posted April 5th, 2004 in Linux, News by Tobias

New Article added.

I’ve just finished a new article in the Technical section on installing Postfix MTA with Amavis, ClamAv, and Spamassassin. Although it is specificly written for Debian Linux users, many of the concepts are the same on other Linux distros. It also covers setting up SMPT AUTH via TLS to authenticate users for mail relay.

See it here:
How To Install Postfix, Amavis, ClamAV, and Spamassassin

And remember, all articles are up for discussion in the forums.

MyContacts Now With Sessions

Posted March 22nd, 2004 in News by Tobias

Download MyContacts

MyContacts now supports session based authentication/access. I don’t really like using Apache for access so I added the option to use session based access in the config.php file. Besides adding some new features like sessions, it also includes utilities for adding/editing/deleting users and some minor bugfixes.

Get it HERE.

Powered By Debian

Posted March 11th, 2004 in Linux, News by Tobias

Now Powered by Debian!

Well the Debian install went just fine, and everyting seems to be running just great. Expect more how-to’s! Since I switched from Sendmail to Postfix, I’ll be outlining how I did it HERE.
I also installed Debian on Software RAID as I outlined in the how-to HERE.

If you happen to find any bugs please contact me.

2 New Tech Articles

Posted February 12th, 2004 in Linux, News by Tobias

Two New Articles added.

I’ve added two new articles in the Technical section on protecting your data with software RAID. The first article is a how-to for installing Gentoo Linux on to software RAID. The second article is a how-to on migrating a current Debian Linux install on to a RAID 1 array.

See them here:
Gentoo Software Raid Installation
Software RAID on Debian Linux

And remember, all articles are up for discussion in the forums.

Not Powered By Redhat

Posted February 5th, 2004 in Linux, News by Tobias

Not Powered By RedHat

Well RedHat is pulling a Microsoft and eol’d it’s bread and butter distro in favor of charging people money. They say to use Fedora if you want free software (the point of Linux, right?), but why be a beta tester for the software that you’ll have to pay for? Most people I know are jumping ship and heading for a new distro. What about you?

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