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New How-To:Using the Apple iPad/iPhone Configuration Utility for VPN

Posted December 12th, 2010 in Apple, News by admin

I just added a new How-To on using the iPad/iPhone Configuration Utility to centrally configure iDevices to use a VPN connection. The same tool can be used to configure iDevices to do a multitude of things as well. It’s a complete walk through that will guide you through installing and using the tool, complete with links and screen shots. See it here:

Using the Apple iPad/iPhone Configuration Utility for VPN

New Tech Articles

Posted November 2nd, 2003 in Apple, News, Technical by Tobias

Two New Articles added.

To further fuel your techno-lust, I’ve added two new articles in the Technical section. The first is an article on copying your Active Directory data into LDAP in order to make a central point for a unified login.
See it HERE.

And the other article is on how to authenticate OSX against Active Directory without altering your schema, without buying third-party software, or adding a OSX server.
See it HERE.

And remember, all articles are up for discussion in the forums.