Breadcrumbs are those little things you figure out and want to remember the next time you need it. Here are a list of breadcrumbs that I find myself frequently needing.


  • Using the Yaesu VX-8 Cable on Mac OS X

    Using the Yaesu VX-8 Cable on Mac OS X (El Capitan in my case) 3.14.2016 If you have a Yaesu radio (the Yaesu VX-8DR in my case) and have purchased […]

  • Eliminate Pingback And Traceback Spam On Old Posts

    Because spammers suck and should all die in a fire I’ve had to disable all Pingback and Trackback  options for the site. Easy enough, you just […]

  • Getting AirTunes To Connect To Airport Express

    iTunes not connecting to your Airport Express’ AirTunes? Turn off IPv6 and it should start working again. To turn off IPv6 open the terminal […]

  • Ring Buffer With Tshark

    Using a ring buffer with tshark You can use a ring buffer with tshark to overwrite files by time, size, or both. So to capture on interface ath0, […]

  • Redirecting URLs with mod_rewrite

    If you’ve ever needed to move a web page’s location or change it’s URL but didn’t want to break external links to it as well […]

  • mod_security missing from Debian

    Due to some licensing issues, mod_security was removed from Debian. To get it back you can do this. Etch users add this line to your […]

  • Mac backup with rsync

    I needed to backup my wife’s MacBook to our home server and have it be “1 click” easy so she’d use it. I used ssh and rsync […]

  • Fix GPG error with debian volatile

    If you’re having trouble adding debian’s volatile source, this should fix it. gpg –keyserver –recv-key […]

  • Deleting old log files

    If you need to create a script to delete old logs based on number of days, you can use this: find /path/to/logs/ -mtime +90 | xargs rm -rf …and […]

  • Quickly find/replace stuff in files

    I had to replace a string in a bunch of files and wanted to do it quickly. 1. cd to the directory where your files live. 2. Run this: for i in *; do […]

  • Convert DOS eol to UNIX eol

    To convert a DOS text file (end-of-line = ^M^J) to a Unix text file (end-of-line = ^J). # apt-get install sysutils (if using Debian) $ dos2unix […]

  • Configure VI to return to last line in Debian

    To have VI(M) in Debian to act like it does in Redhat, create a file named .vimrc (Note the dot) in your home directory and add this to it: syntax on […]

  • Increasing 3ware performance in Linux

    hdparm -t /dev/sda with my new RAID5 array was shockingly slow. I added this to my startup: blockdev –setra 19969 /dev/sda Much quicker /Happy dance

  • Installing java on Debian – the easy way

    The easiest (and the best way) to install java on Debian is as follows: 1. Verify that “contrib” is listed in your /etc/apt/sources.list […]

  • Recover Deleted Partitions

    Ever need to recover a lost partition? Here’s how: 1. Go to and download Testdisk. 2. Run […]