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MyContacts Now With Sessions

Posted March 22nd, 2004 in News by Tobias

Download MyContacts

MyContacts now supports session based authentication/access. I don’t really like using Apache for access so I added the option to use session based access in the config.php file. Besides adding some new features like sessions, it also includes utilities for adding/editing/deleting users and some minor bugfixes.

Get it HERE.

Powered By Debian

Posted March 11th, 2004 in Linux, News by Tobias

Now Powered by Debian!

Well the Debian install went just fine, and everyting seems to be running just great. Expect more how-to’s! Since I switched from Sendmail to Postfix, I’ll be outlining how I did it HERE.
I also installed Debian on Software RAID as I outlined in the how-to HERE.

If you happen to find any bugs please contact me.